Mr Phossy Jaw did us proud!‏

First, apologies for not writing in the past few months, due to my PhD upgrade. What is an “upgrade”? All PhD students at UCL are initially registered as MPhil students and need to “upgrade” to PhD in the middle of our studies through an assessment consisting of a thesis, a presentation and a viva. Now, I am pleased to tell you that, having survived a 2.5 hour viva, I have “upgraded”!

A follow-up to our Phossy Jaw image: The 2012/13 UCL Graduate School Research Images Competition is over. Mr Phossy Jaw didn’t win a prize, but has been selected for display at UCL South Cloister. It is at the heart of the Campus, just next to the Main Library. Out of over 300 entries, only about 30 got selected and Mr Phossy Jaw did us proud!

Phossy Jaw Image at UCL Exhibition

Before coming to London, I knew I have some artistic sense and am okay at music rhythm, but I have never ever dreamed of having my artwork exhibited in London, or drumming at the Olympics! My heartfelt thanks go to UCL for all these exciting opportunities. So, what next? I don’t know… just keep up my spirits and keep trying!

But I certainly know what next for our blog. I will keep writing, but probably won’t have time for phossy jaw since my research focus is on the pharmacogenomics of BONJ. So I will write more on the modern disease, or life as a PhD student, if that’s alright with you… You will still read about phossy jaw as my gut feeling tells me that it is going to find me from time to time, trust me!

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